What does home window film do?

What does home window film do?3M™ Window Films make every part of your window better. It’s an improvement that gives back, reducing energy consumption and lowering electric bills. Add an additional layer of security between you, arrant debris, the occasional mulligan or shattered glass shards. 3M™ Window Films are designed to perform best during the hottest Wellington days. If you’re wondering if home window film is right for you, give us a call for a complimentary, in-person demonstration of our products and their performance.

Make your home more comfortable

Make your home more comfortable
Windows can magnify the intensity of the sun and make any room very hot, fast. As an authorized dealer of 3M™ window film products, we offer window films, designed to reduce the effects of the sun, making your home more comfortable.

Benefits of residential window film include:

  • Protecting your furnishings from the harsh sun which can cause fading
  • Preventing damaging UVA rays from harming your skin
  • Reducing your energy bill by keeping your house cooler
  • Ending annoying glare

Reduce your electric bill today and protect your investments by applying 3M Home Window Film. From one annoying window in the kitchen to a beach front home made entirely of glass in Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Delray or anywhere from Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, our experienced, certified trained staff is here to help you in selecting the right products for you and your home.